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Why Us

We simplify your experience with intelligent solutions that optimize cost savings and enhance building efficiency. These cutting-edge solutions boost productivity, decrease expenses, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

As future-proofing experts, we leverage smart building controls and lighting upgrades, giving you complete command over your space. Monitor assets, perform occupancy counts, and gain valuable insights into space utilization effortlessly. Streamline and optimize daily operations for greater efficiency and convenience.


Find a sustainable lighting solution to cut down on power.


Optimize the rebate incentives associated with the project.


Minimize the investment and energy costs.


Implement and install turn-key energy upgrades.


Find: Facility Needs Analysis

What we define as our core benchmarks of a project consist of:

Energy usage/cost
  • Annual kilowatt usage
  • Annual energy cost
Light levels
  • Foot-candle levels
  • Visual comfort
  • Carbon footprint
Maintenance Cost
  • Lamp and ballast replacement cost
Why choose us

Optimize: Rebate Incentives, State/Local Energy Code

We identify existing financial resources that are hidden within your facility and combine these with a cost-effective solution that will deliver immediate success on bottom-line savings.

  • Find best solution to fit each projects application
  • Verify performance, energy savings and life cycle costs
  • Beneficial utility sponsored rebates
  • Support of State and/or local government sponsored rebates
State/Local Energy Code
  • Implemented to the standards of the state/local energy code

Minimize: Your Investment and Energy Costs

EMS provides you with financial benefits for your projects. Whether we use energy rebates, grants, energy savings or tax incentives, we provide you with the dollars to develop projects that fit into the overall financial strategy.

Improve cash flow
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Shorten payback
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Lower your energy demand

Installation: Turn-key your project

EMS will utilize our network of electrical contractors under our ICS Holdings umbrella to provide you with turn-key installation services no matter where your project is located.

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